You know that feeling of fatigue, guilt, and pants-button popping after you consume a plate of pasta? Let’s avoid that. 

11954695_10100447861174448_2282437885262855254_nTrading out pasta can be easier than you think– after all, it’s usually more about the sauce and accoutrements than the actual pasta. 

This past week, I saw some awesome pasta sauce on sale at Whole Foods, and the inner Italian in me wanted some spaghetti. I looked at the different pastas– regular, organic, gluten-free, and decided this… no matter which pasta I chose, it was still going to be a processed food and I was still going to be tired after I ate it. Then I remembered a wonderful trick for pasta cravings:

Zucchini pasta!IMG_4833

I dusted off my vegetable spiraler, and got to work. I think you can do the same thing with acheese grater, but the spiraler is a better band-aid free alternative. You simply cut off the end of the zucchini (local is best), and crank the lever! 

I baked some chicken thighs to mix in for some protein, used Cucina Antica Tomato Basil tomato sauce, and topped it with some Nutritional Yeast, for a cheesy-parmesan-like effect. Voila!

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