How honey can combat your seasonal allergies..

Some of you may notice that even though it is the summertime, you still suffer from allergies!

Just when you think you’ve done your time in the spring, you notice a little snifflesniffle. In the summer, it is the grasses and weeds that are usually the culprit and not so much the pollen from the spring. But have no fear, honey will save you! Yes, you heard right– honey! Increasing your honey intake will fight your allergies in a blink of an eye! But not just any honey…

Immunotherapy is idea is that eating honey will gradually vaccinate your body against allergens. Honey contains multiple varieties of the same pollen spores that give people who suffer from allergies such a problem when the flowers are blooming.

Local, raw honey is the way to go!

Since you are suffering from the pollen around you, local honey will work a lot faster than honey that comes from somewhere else. This is because the local honey will most likely contain the same allergens that you are suffering from therefore curing you faster.

Additionally, you want to make sure your honey is raw and unprocessed. The heating process used on your standard shelved grocery store honey kills off all those wonderful enzymes that work so wonderfully to support your immune system.

And hello00! I mean… buzz, buzzzzz! It tastes WAY BETTER when it’s local and raw.

You can add it to tea, smoothies, and dressings, just like in our 7-day clean-eating cleanse, the 7-Day Cleanse & Reboot!

So go to your local farmers market and pick up a jar!

Buzz, buzz.