What is that green stuff on my pizza? …Oregano!

Oregano is an herb in the mint family that contains tons of powerful antioxidant properties along with being extremely nutritionally dense. Oregano is also a great herb to add with along with citrus, tomatoes or a nice vegetable stir fry. It has a very forgiving flavor and as little as two teaspoons goes a long way.

Did you know that oregano can be used as an anti-bacterial? Have you ever walked down the supplement aisle of a health food store and see oil of oregano? Oil of Oregano conatains thymol and carvacol which are two oils that are so potent, they are best taken in capsule form to prevent the burning sensation while swallowing. It’s great for taking to fight off giardia or even candida.

Not only is Oregano full of anti-bacterial properties but it is also full of vitamin k, managanese, iron, calcium, vitamin E and fiber! It also contains anti-oxidant properties! In order to obtain the maximum benefits or Oregano, it’s best to eat it fresh instead of dry and not only is it cheap, it doesn’t need to be chopped. Just pull the leaves off the stems, add it to your favorite dish and enjoy!

Below you’ll find a recipe for a roasted chicken in an oregano and lemon marinade. This marinade is also vegetarian friendly. Add it over your vegetables and roast!

Roasted Chicken in lemon and oregano marinadeyum! yum!

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