I created an online summit and interview series called, Healthy in the Spotlight, for performers to have their healthiest body, mind, and voice. I interviewed 16 experts in the performance industry, focusing on different topics, from Stopping Self-Sabotage, to Rocking Your Finances as a Performer, to Recovering from Vocal Nodules (and preventing them!).

Below  I interview Steph Wilberding, Health Coach and Trainer on the team at Mark Fisher Fitness, on What Your Fitness Habits Reveal About You.  

We share:

  • How to look at exercise as a celebration of your body and NOT as punishment for what you ate
  • 6 Jedi tricks for how to move forward when you feel like giving up on your workouts
  • How to pick a WORD that will guide every fitness & food decision you make
  • My struggle with planks and push-ups

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About Steph:

Steph is a Certified Health Coach who leads her clients through habit change around food while shifting away from a deprivation mindset. She works with people to identify roadblocks that show up on a weight-loss journey and how to navigate around them, all while also offering action around food choices and food preparation. Steph is also on the training team at Mark Fisher Fitness in Hell’s Kitchen and she also hosts an online cooking show called “Cook With Steph”. Occasionally she steps on stage and tells story through song!!