This week I want to give you 3 very quick tips on CRAVINGS.

A lot of times I know what I “should” be eating, but my inner fat kid wants chocolate chip cookies.

cookieCravings are bound to hit everyone, and sometimes they are NOT about self-discipline. They can actually indicate an imbalance in the body, causing the irrational cravings. For instance cravings can indicate a mineral imbalance. They can also indicate something else missing in your life– oftentimes, when people crave sweets they are really craving something sweet in their life, or if they crave crunchy foods it can indicate a need to move the mouth and talk something out! Cravings for creamy foods can indicate a need to feel comforted.

No matter what your craving here are 3 quick tips to try to avoid those pesky cravings:

1. Try Magnesium: I started taking an isotonic magnesium at night before bed, and I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE– NO cravings since I started taking it. If you get regular cravings, especially for sweets, I strongly encourage you to try this one: Magnesium. I take 2 capfuls before bed, and it works unlike any other Magnesium I’ve tried before.

2. Drink Water: Cravings occur when we are dehydrated and 80% of people are dehydrated. When your cells are starved of water, it means your minerals are also going to be imbalanced. So if you do feel a craving coming on, try pounding a glass of water and waiting a moment for the craving to subside.

3. Get busy: Just like drinking, watching TV, and shopping, eating food can act as a way to escape reality for a moment. If you’re having cravings, stop for a moment and look at what you’re doing. You might find that you are simply bored, OR you are doing something that terrifies you, OR that you simply don’t want to be doing. Try rotating projects and conquering big tasks one at a time. You may find that once you get started on a new project your cravings subside.

I hope that was helpful. I’d love to hear from you! What was helpful for you? Do you have your own mechanisms for coping with cravings? Tell me what they are below! Happy Friday!

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