I love mayo. And no I didn’t always. I was the kid who would scowl if you put too much mayo on my sandwich, and yes it was always too much mayo. 

But you know what? I was just eating bad mayo!… we’ll call it “faux mayo.” Turns out with all the artificial ingredients in the mainstream mayos, the integrity and essence of real mayonnaise was lost. Not only that but intuitively your body knows when you are eating nurturing foods and when you are eating toxic foods— we just need to train ourselves to pay attention when this happens. For instance, if you were to bite into a paint sandwich (yes, I just made that up) your instincts would immediately make you gag and/or spit it out. Your body senses danger. 

Your body can sense this same danger with foods that don’t fare well in your body, but the impulse is more subtle and when we are constantly multitasking or eating on the go, your body goes into auto-pilot. Auto-pilot is no good while eating– it’s the opposite of “mindful eating.”

So how did I fall back in love with mayo? I found an awesome brand called, Sir Kensington’s. 

Here’s a list of the ingredients in their Chipotle Mayo:

Sunflower Oil, Egg Yolks, Water, Lemon Juice, Distilled Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Salt, Organic Sugar, Chipotle Powder, Paprika, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Cumin, Black Pepper, Citric Acid

Pretty simple, right? And their eggs are certified humane and free-range. Why does this matter? Well think of it this way: Anything that chicken is ingesting, you are ingesting as well, including lovely antibiotics. arsenic, cow dung, and other fine delicacies. A more direct answer would be that 1) they taste better, and 2) They cause less reactions in the body (think bloating,, acne, allergies, etc). 

Plus the healthy fats keep you fuller longer! I’m a big fan of healthy fats, especially when you cut down on carbohydrates. You need something to keep you full, nourished, and energized. 

Below is a simple breakfast I throw together in the morning. Try boiling a batch of hard-boiled eggs the night before or earlier in the week to cut down on prep time. Hard-boiled eggs are a great nourishing snack/meal enhancer to keep handy. 

Hope you enjoy!

Chipotle Smoked Eggs and Greens

  • Mixed greens: I like grabbing the bins of organic pre-cut, pre-washed greens! Much easier to prep and more likely to be eaten.
  • 2 Hard Boiled eggs: Organic eggs taste best and cause less body reactions (i.e. bloating, acne, etc)
  • Teaspoon Chipotle Mayo: Sir Kensington’s mayos are my absolute favorite for taste and quality
  • Squeeze of lemon
  • Teaspoon olive oil: Cold-pressed is best
  • Dash of sea salt and pepper



  1. Toss your greens in a bowl with the olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.
  2. Stick your hand in and massage at the greens a few times to coat the greens and make them more digestible. If you use rougher greens, like kale for instance, you can massage for a longer time to soften it up. Then add the eggs and mayo and chop and stir it all in!
  3. Add the eggs and mayo, chop and stir it all in!

Bon a petite!

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