It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air. The flowers are in bloom, and… sniffle, sniffle… cough, cough… the allergies are plentiful. But there is something you can do about it. Check out these great tips below and wipe those allergies to the curb.1238dcb5-3362-4072-9733-b764b521eff2

  1. Cut the dairy: Oftentimes when people who complain of chronic allergy symptoms cut the dairy their symptoms magically go away. It could have something to do with the fact that dairy has been cited to contribute to stuffy nose, a phlegmy throat, acne, and itchy ears, among other things.
  2. Local raw honey and bee pollen: By consuming raw, local honey you will be arming yourself with the enzymes necessary to fight off allergy symptoms but also essentially immunizing yourself with very pollen that is shocking your system. Try some at your local farmer’s market!
  3. Raw apple cider vinegar: Yes, I love this stuff. It’s true. Add a capful to your water and it will help with your allergies. Allergy symptoms can actually be the body’s way of getting rid of toxic build-up and raw apple cider vinegar acts as a vessel, grabbing on to toxins and helping flush them out!
  4. Drink water: For love of my Aunt Mary… just do it. Water helps flush out toxins and other debris sitting around in your system, including potential allergens, like pollen.
  5. Drink stinging nettles tea: Stinging nettle leaves are a great way to strengthen the immune system and prevent allergic reactions. Oftentimes you’ll actually see stinging nettle leaves as an ingredient in your favorite allergy medicines. So why not go straight to the source? You can buy it all bagged up and ready to go (I use Traditional Medicinals’) or you can get the actual leaves and steep them in hot water. Add some honey for a bit of yummmm.
  6. Use a neti-pot: What on Earth is a neti-pot you may ask? It looks like a genie lamp and is used to flush salt water from one side of your nose to the other. This saline flush clears the nasal passage ways by thinning out mucus and rinsing allergens like dust and pollen clean.
  7. Build up your immune system and promote a healthy response to inflammation, which is the primary cause behind uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Ginger, garlic, tumeric, and cayenne pepper are great inflammatory foods and spices, but you can also supplement with something like OPC-3. I use this one here every morning and it keeps my body happy: OPC-3

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