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First and foremost you should know– I believe in you. My goal is to guide you with the tools and resources you need to have a thriving practice. It is up to you to use them, listen to the calls, follow through with the action steps, get accountability, and do the work. When you do the action steps laid out for you with focus and purpose, you will succeed.

I am here for your support when you need me. In order to access any recordings, you can dial the number below with the access code, and then enter the corresponding reference number. Please send any questions to

You can do this,



Playback Number: (712) 775-7029

Access Code: 530-166-766

Getting Started: Want to get a good foundation for moving forward with your business? Below you will find 4 essential handouts to get you started growing your business. You can customize the Microsoft Word documents to fit your practice.

Market America New Unfranchise Owner Handout

Market America Getting Started Guide

nutraMetrix Isotonix User Guide JF

nutraMetrix Supplements for Optimal Health

5-Day Cellular Detox: This is a great detox to offer your clients, and the best part is there are no dietary changes necessary. In this call I walk you through the process and how you can use this for yourself and your clients.

Reference #: 1


cellular detox


TLS Weight Loss Solutions: How to run your own TLS Weight Loss group. Many of you have questions about hosting a Find Your Fit event, and how to package the program, and this call will review the finer details of how exactly to do it.

Reference #: 2

TLS Weight Loss Solution – Hosting a Find Your Fit Event

TLS Flipchart

TLS Agreement_3.15

Building Your Business to Create Ongoing Residual Income: In this call I cover the fastest most efficient way to grow your business and start generating permanent residual income. If you are ready to up your game, this is a call not to be missed!

Reference #: 3

BELIEF with Guest Speaker, Joanne Hadjiyane: Joanne Hadjiyane, a kickbutt health coach who is rockin’ the business end of things and inspiring her own team, will be sharing some business building tips with you. Joanne recently attended the International Convention down in Greensboro where she learned a ton of new information and will be sharing it with us!

Reference #: 8

YouTube Videos from International Convention:

Navigating the Back Office Like a Pro: In this webinar, get a quick tour of your back office portal. Jennie highlights some of the most common places she visits so you can be more informed on your business, resources available to you, and optimizing placement of your BV to get commission checks!

Watch this Webinar on YouTube:

Prospecting for Business Partners & Weaving in Supplements Seamlessly: Many coaches don’t feel comfortable talking about supplementation, even when it’s something they believe in and has helped both them and their clients. In this call I go over the conversation flow I have with coaches and wellness professionals who could potentially benefit from integrating the products and working with us. Please adapt this to your own story and verbiage! 

Weaving: Prospecting Script for how I weave in supplementation

Closing the Deal with Clients: Bringing on a new client oftentimes requires a consultation or initial assessment to see if you are a good fit for working with one another. Many people get chocked up with what to say in this conversation, but lucky for you– there is a formula you can follow. Listen to the call below to get the verbiage I use when closing a new client.

CTD for Team

Client Coach responsibilities

Cash Back: How to double your commission checks and get paid to shop: Outside of Isotonix, NutraMetrix, and Doctor Integration, you and your friends/family an get cash credit for purchases made online. This includes home supplies, clothing, toiletries, office supplies, etc. In this call, I walk you through how to leverage this in your business:

Useful sites:,

Resources for building your business: We were given a proven system to help us build up a residual income– the only trouble is, sometimes it’s hard to learn the system! Fortunately for us, Market America has LOTS of resources for us to use. In this call, I do a quick run through each of them so you can see everything at your fingertips.

How to Lead a Meditation for Clients: I lead clients through a meditation nearly every session, sometimes in the beginning and sometimes in the middle. At first I was hesitant that they might find it silly, but whenever I asked clients at the end what their favorite part of the session was, it was usually the meditation! I’ll go over a few different exercises you can use as well.

How to Draw the Business Plan Like a Pro: Market America has a brilliant business model but it can be confusing when you start off. By learning the business plan so well you can draw it out you’ll have clarity moving forward and be able to express the benefits to others much easier. In this call I draw it out, get your markers ready and pull up your Graphic Organization on to follow along.


How to Present the Business to Potential Business Partners: Knowing how to get started can be overwhelming. This call focuses on how to go about familiarizing yourself with the business so you can best present it to potential business partners, and how to invite people to check it out in a way that’s natural to you.



Playback Number: (712) 775-7029

Access Code: 530-166-766

CALL #1: 


  1. Watch the Golden Circle clip with Simon Sinek:
  2. Identify your avatar: Write out a paragraph!
  3. Identify the type of doctor you’d like to work with
  4. What is your mission?
  5. Find an accountability partner to support you and stretch you

CALL #2: 


  1. Go to the resources (page 4 of the PPt) and explore each
  2. If you haven’t found an accountability partner yet, reach out to someone and schedule a 1-on-1.
  3. Pick 2 products to research

CALL #3: 


  1. Create your own binder: Aim for completion, not perfection
  2. If you haven’t found an accountability partner yet, reach out to someone and schedule a 1-on-1.
  3. Make a list of 5 doctors in your area you’d like to reach out to, and put their names on a Google Drive spread sheet, with: Name, Contact, Address, Specialty, Relationship (if any), Touches

CALL #4: 


  1. Create a Value Proposition Folder
  2. Reach out to your accountability partner and schedule a 1-on-1.
  3. Start a conversation: In-person, Call an office, Stop in an office, Ask friends and family to introduce you

CALL #5: 

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