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Healthy in the Spotlight: An Online Summit for Performers to Have Their Healthiest Body, Mind, & Voice

Interviews with…

Jenné Claiborne

Vegan Chef & YouTuber- Sweet Potato Soul

Actress to Vegan Chef: How to Turn Your Creativity into Your Purpose

Wendy Parr

Founder of the Artist’s Circle; Singer; Songwriter

How to Use Your Heros to Tap Into Your Authentic Self

Michelle Hurst

TV & Film Actress- Orange is the New Black

How to Keep Moving Forward When You Have a Setback

Michael Roderick

Connector & Business Coach- Small Pond Enterprises

How to Ask For What You Need So You Can Have Anything You Want

Stefanie O’Connell

Millenial Money Expert, Author- The Broke & Beautiful Life

Broke Actor to Finance Expert: How to Live a Creative Life in a Money Savvy Way

Elissa Weinzimmer

Vocal Health Educator- Voice Body Connection

Finding Your Authentic Voice to Access Your Whole Self

Michael Ian Cedar

Inspirational Producer- The Legacy of You

How to Answer the Question, Why do you do what you do?

Jo-Ná Williams

Business Strategist, Author, Speaker- J. A. Williams Law

The 5 Essential Foundations to Have a Thriving Business as an Artist

Melissa Binkley

CEO of Melissa S Binkley International and Founder of The Intuitive Intelligence™ Academy

The 5 Step Process to Creating Global Impact with Your Voice & Story

Robin Carus

Casting Director- Robin Carus Casting

How to Be Yourself in an Industry that Wants You to Be Someone Else

Steph Wilberding

Personal Trainer & Health Coach- Mark Fisher Fitness

What Your Fitness Habits Really Reveal About You

Beth Clayton

Natural Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

How to Stop Self-Sabotage & Step Into Empowerment

Mimi Bessette 

Broadway Actress Singer- Bonnie & Clyde

My Story: How Music Literally Saved My Life

Brendan Houdek

Speech Language Pathologist- New York Speech Pathology

How to Heal from Vocal Damage & Vocal Nodes

Tricia Veldman

Speech Language Pathologist- New York Speech Coaching

Eating Disorders & their Impact on the Voice

Kate Maroney

Vocal Pedagogist & Opera Singer- Mannes College

 How to Sing for a Life Time: a Pedagogical Prespective

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