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Welcome to Lights Camera Kale®

Lights Camera Kale® brings engaging Wellness Workshops and 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching Days to companies, focused on improving sleep, stress, nutrition, energy, & work-life balance. Their clients include top companies, including ING Financial, PayPal, Digital Ocean, ZARA, and LinkedIn.

Jennie Fagen is the Founder of Lights Camera Kale, Inc. With a degree in Brain & Cognitive Science as well as Integrative Nutrition, Jennie takes a holistic approach to health. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on NPR, and on the Dr. Oz show, and was interviewed by Inc. Magazine for her expertise in Workplace Wellness. Her energy is infectious and she is sure to engage your employees with down-to-earth tips, a little bit of humor, and actionable steps they can take immediately.

Jennie’s private coaching clients include Start-up Founders and CEOs. She supports them in improving their sleep, stress, nutrition, & work-life balance as they grow their company.

About Workplace Wellness 

Bring true wellness to your employees in a way that’s fun, interactive, & delivers results.

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Meet Jennie

Jennie takes a unique approach to nutrition, with a focus on the psychology behind why we eat what we eat (and what that reveals about you). Read on by clicking the image below.

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